My Grandfather was Robert Cobban.  My uncle is, was, is Robert Cobban as well.  I too am Robert Cobban.  We all went by Bob.  I’m not sure if my grandfather did.  He died many, many years before I was born. 

My Uncle Bob quietly slipped away last night.  Almost left without anyone seeing.   Such a polite man. 

To be honest, I am physically too tired with the trainer and mentally too tired with other things to write some profound words for my uncle.  I’m sure he’ll (and you’ll) understand that my blog posts are kind of on hold for the holidays.  I will write about Uncle Bob in the future.  For now I will share this post from when we first found out he was ill. 


5 Thoughts on “Goodbye Bob Cobban

  1. Sorry to hear of your uncle’s passing, Cobban. Despite the illnesses in your families, I hope you two have a happy Christmas.

  2. I’m sorry Cobban. Big hugs (yeah, I know squirmy icky LOL).

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Cobban and Ray!

    Shawnee and Bear

  3. lesley barnett on 23/12/2007 at 10:30 PM said:


    this has been a difficult autumn/year – I’m sorry for your loss, dear heart.

    happy christmas to you and raym


  4. I’m very sorry you have more loss to bear. I hope you find some peace and comfort amidst it all.

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