02 February 2021 – New release! Beautiful Illusion

My new Dream Pop song evoking themes of life after death, past lives, reincarnation, the possibility that life is an illusion. It’s not a declaration of these ideas but a mere question. What if life wasn’t real? What if life was just an illusion? What if time and space were illusions? Would you live your life differently? Can your thoughts control your reality?

Is life just some beautiful illusion? Are we all just avatars in some sort of bio game?

08 April 2018 – Release! Hello Mister Kerr

My Pop tune evoking themes of changing your life, finding yourself, following your dream, and that life is not about making money. A successful young man has it all but he’s just not happy. He befriends a mysterious neighbor, Mister Kerr, who teaches him about meditation, yoga, and that life is not about being wealthy. Once the man gets his life figured out, Mister Kerr moves away.

Torn, the man runs after Mister Kerr and discovers something truly remarkable…