Last week, Ray noticed a hole had been dug into the island/planter we put in the driveway last summer. Usually, at this time of year, such a hole is a good indication of an expectant momma rabbit.

Now, Ray and I tend to have a very live-and-let-live attitude about the wildlife on our property but a hole in the middle of our landscaping project was kind of an eyesore. We have plenty of land with soft dirt. Can’t  momma bunny have her babies somewhere else?

Ray covered the hole back up. Sorry momma, this is where we draw the line. That being said; never underestimate the tenacity of a momma bunny. Just days later the hole was back.  This time there was a little surprise in it.

Isn’t baby bunny too cute for words? There are actually three bunnies in there! Ray is so funny. He’s like the protective father now. Checking to make sure they’re OK. Worrying that they are in a vulnerable place.  (I should have included a wider shot to illustrate how “open” this spot is.)

Anyway, the bunnies are fine for now. I’ll keep my camera ready for updates. They are so cute!! Who doesn’t love a baby bunny?

2 Thoughts on “Wabbits!

  1. And just like that you’ve become parents, lol. Congratulations to daddy Cobban and daddy Ray 🙂

  2. Diana on 20/05/2010 at 6:12 AM said:

    Baby bunnies are so cute. They will be grown and gone before you know it. Isn’t it amazing how quickly your landscaping took a back seat to raising a little family? Hahaha!

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