Ms. ThingThis is Parker.  She lives with us.  You can see that she’s very worldly and sophisticated by her 8X10 glamour shot–not!  She was so found-in-a-box at a bus stop in front of the health department. 

Ray and I found her while going to work one day.  There were three kittins in a box.  One of them kept poking its head up, trying to jump out.  It was very headstrong–a quality I don’t like in a pet.  (Really,  my idea of the perfect pet is a cactus.)  I had a feeling that we would end up with one of them and Ms. HeadPoppy was definitely not the one I wanted.

But she’s the one we got.

Teeny Tiny KittyYou should have seen her.  Her ears looked so big that she resembled a little alien kitty from another planet.  We both took turns cuddling her.  This was not a shy cat.  She just marched right in and made her place in our home much to the dismay of our other cat Kaiser (RIP) who was seventeen at the time.  Poor old Kaiser hissed and growled like like an old lady fending off a mugger with an umbrella. 

The two of them didn’t get along.  Parker would walk up to Kaiser and bump into her with intent to knock her over–which is exactly why I don’t like “personable” pets.  At first I thought “The little bitch” but then I remembered Kaiser as a kitten and how nasty she was to Amelia, the elder cat Ray had at that time.  Chalk one up for Kitty Karma.

Over time Parker grew into her ears, Kaiser passed on and Ms. Thing became the Mistress of her Domain (or so she thinks).

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