It’s that week. You know the one I’m talking about. The week between Christmas and New Year’s where you just unplug from all your stringent routines, throw caution to the wind and just let your hair down.

OK, so maybe you don’t do that — but I do.

Screw the workouts, forget the calorie counting, I’m going to eat everything and have seconds. Yeah, there’s stuff to be done but it can wait until next week. Right now, I have a plate of Christmas cookies to concentrate on. Stay up late. Sleep in longer. That’s what I say.

As luck would have it, in this week of unabashed gluttony, our local Safeway started carrying Maker’s 46. It was locked up in a glass case! At 35 to 40 bucks a bottle, this is the ultimate act of pampering myself for the holidays. Did I mention it’s 94 proof? This shit’s flammable and after a few shots, I’m flammable!

I can’t wait to get home and try a sample. Naturally, I’m going to start out with a small taste — neat of course and then I’ll have a Manhattan. Shaken, up, dry with a teeny-tiny splash of maraschino cherry juice. Go easy on the bitters.

Next Monday, I’ll drink my protein shake at 5:45 AM and start pushing the weights again. No more cookies, no more excessive cocktailing, no more second helpings and no more putting stuff off. I’ll be back to my disciplined self — running, working out and passing on the French fries dipped in mayonnaise.

But that’s next Monday…

Happy New Year blog peeps! Hope everyone finds their Slice O’ Heaven in 2011. It’s all good.

6 Thoughts on “It’s That Week


  2. Terry Wolf on 27/12/2010 at 4:36 PM said:

    It’s great to have self-discipline and rules we live by… and it makes it all the more exquisite when we can bust out and break a few rules… so naughty… and after christmas so santa we can be as naughty as we like this week!!!
    all of life’s best to you and ray this year and always!!!!

  3. Linda Macias on 27/12/2010 at 4:37 PM said:

    Love this blog Cobban, you are so talented…you amaze me and I am so glad you are around & such a great guy too! Happy New Year’s to you & Ray….
    Linda & Kevin

  4. Oh~ So you found some in your neck of the woods! Congrats! Have fun with it!

  5. >after a few shots, I’m flammable!

    Do you mean flammable or flaming?
    (OMG and after making that snarky comment I notice that my word verification is “projecting bunche.” Well, maybe a little)

  6. alice on 28/12/2010 at 10:17 AM said:

    Look at you in a turtle neck with the most awesome looking chin action. Love to you and Ray. Wishing you all the happiness you can handle in the new year!

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