I am the Database/Web Specialist (webmaster) for the county I live in.  I don’t go into too much detail about our web site because we’re (translation: I’m) about to embark on a ginormous web redesign project and I’m not ready for the “before” site to be seen.  I’m sure it’s not too hard to figure out what the county site is since I frequently mention a certain town that I live close to (and no, it’s not Tucson).


Anyway…our IT department had an off-site meeting yesterday at a place called Sunglow Ranch .  It was so nice to get outside.  Most of the time, actually all of the time, I am trapped in a room with two programmers baking under awful fluorescent lights while the air conditioner has me donning a sweater in July.  There are windows in our room but the other programmers close the blinds. 

I will never understand that.

I absolutely hate it when people who sit near a window shut the blinds.  It’s awful and depressing.  I totally loathe working in fluorescent lighting hell but right now there’s nothing I can do about it other than use the law of attraction and keep thinking about my private window office that lies ahead for me in the future.  The very near future.  (Yeah, yeah; I read The Secret.  The idea behind the book is no secret though.)

Breakout Session
Breakout session in progress.

Sometimes you feel like a nut
Clowning around while I present our ideas. 
NOTE: IT geeks are not good spellers.

Geese is the word
Sitting by the teeny tiny lake after lunch. 

It was a productive meeting and we got a lot done.  After work, I had a different meeting for the Mule Mountain Relay For Life to be held here next year.  I’m on the Committee and the, you guessed it, online chairperson.  I’m getting our site ready to be launched next month.

Once I got my two meetings out of the way, I dashed home to hang out with Homer and his friend Forrest who came down from Tucson.  We sat around, talked and ate.  I heart talking and eating.  Homer brought a Homer-made pumpkin pie.  It was really good.  We didn’t eat the whole thing so he left the rest of it here which is sort of evil and lovely at the same time.

I was very, very tired by the time I got to bed.  Fortunately, Ray and I have every other Friday off so I was totally able to sleep in this morning.  I slept for ten hours. 

Now I’m off to have a three-day weekend.  It’s supposed to be 85 today!  Tomorrow, we’re off to Tucson to see Avenue Q!

2 Thoughts on “Offsite Meeting

  1. Jim on 19/10/2007 at 4:15 PM said:

    My partner George and I saw “Avenue Q” in L.A. at the Ahmanson Theater last Saturday. We just loved it and we’re sure you and Ray will as well. “Avenue Q” had its run at one of the Las Vegas hotels too, but it was the “condensed” version. One can’t keep those gamblers away from the casino floors for too long. We opted to wait and see the real deal once “Avenue Q” goes on tour.

    I’m glad to see your moustache is sprouting back to live 🙂 Have a great weekend, Jim

  2. Hi Jim!

    I love Avenue Q! Ray and I saw it about a week after it hit Broadway several years ago. I knew right away that it would win the Tony. I’m taking a bunch of friends with me tomorrow. That whole condensed thing in Vegas is a joke. Gotta keep ’em gambling.

    Yeah, the stache is back!

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