Maggie!Maggie, R and I met up this afternoon for lunch at the Bisbee Breakfast Club.  I love taking people there.  It’s one of those places where everything on the menu is tasty.  I was really impressed with R’s dog Ruby.  She’s such a good girl.  She just hung out by the door and waited for us to eat.

When we returned, R fell asleep on the couch.  Maggie produced a ukulele and just started strumming away singing as if she did that all the time.  I was taken aback by her sweet voice and natural ability.

I suggested we go into the studio.

Maggie had been playing around with this old Russian tune saying that she wanted to write some lyrics to it.  I grabbed a pencil and jotted down some words.  Together we came up with this little ditty:  

Somewhere Sleeping (1:20)


After that, Maggie was actually able to convince me to sit down with her and sing whatever came to my mind while she strummed something in the background.  Having no idea what to say, I sang about R’s dog Ruby.  Ruby Doobie.  Listen at your own risk.

Ruby Doobie (4:13)


Today we’re going to play around a little bit more with the music.  I want Maggie to get her violin and lay down some secondary tracks from last night. 

4 Thoughts on “Sing. Sing A Song…

  1. How fun! Music is life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Is the title of this post a Karen Carpenter reference or a Neil Diamond reference? I’m hoping it’s Karen.

  3. Karen. Without question, Karen (and maybe even a little Richard).

  4. Joe on 16/11/2007 at 11:57 AM said:

    Well, I verified my insurance was in order and listened to all. A gentle smile came over my face as I could see the desert and Ruby listening to you. I am missing the desert already.

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