Head ShotRay cut my hair a couple of nights ago and I trimmed my stache for the first time since I shaved it off.  I’m beginning to think I prefer my current look over this one

To document this moment, I pointed my camera in the mirror to get a quick snapshot.  Little did I know it would look like a 8X10 head shot.  Lucky me I guess.  And yes–you can bet I’m going to use it as a current online profile pic so if ya found my blog from another website, you’re not seeing double.

Of course, the first thing I noticed in the photo are the ginormous wrinkles on my forehead and the gray at my temples.  I’m trying to not let that bother me and look at it from a D.I.T. (Daddy in Training) standpoint. 

Judy JudyLet’s just face it, some guys age very well and actually look better with a bit of mileage on their mug.  With all admission of vanity, I’m hoping that happens to me.  I want to look fabulous ’till I die.  Cary Grant did it.  Why can’t I?  Whenever I complain about aging Ray always says “It beats the alternative.”

Of course Mr. Ray has not one single wrinkle on his handsome face.  Not one.

What’s really weird is that I actually feel much better with the stache.  I’m comfortable in my own skin when I have to go out into the world.  Isn’t that strange?  I think it just suits my persona.  I have never cared for the cleanshaven look–especially on me. 

Woof!Some people have suggested I trim the sides of my stache or groom it so you can see my upper lip.  They say it’s too bushy.  Well, first of all, I don’t have an upper lip and second; if you’re going to have a stache, you need to have all the stache.  You need to go for it.  Make the posterboys of stache–Tom Selleck & Sam Elliott–proud. 

OK, this silly post is already too all-about-me.  Enough with the inner self exploration.  All I can say is that I’m glad to have the old me back. 

One more thing:  While I was looking for a photo of Mr. Grant, I noticed online that there were a lot of comparisons to this particular fellow: George Clooney!

Hubba hubba

George is too hot for words and yes, he has that whole Cary Grant thing going on.  I pray every day that he does not succumb to the perils of Hollywood.  He seems so cool and genuine.  I’d hate to find out that he’s just another famous asshole freak.  In these Hollywood hard times, it’s best to have low expectations about our movie stars.  Then you don’t get hurt in the long run when they jump on Oprah’s couch or throw a phone in someone’s face.  I’m counting on you George!  Don’t let me down!

One other interesting little tidbit is Randolph Scott.  Seems that he and Cary Grant were good friends.  Very  good friends.  By the look of some old photos, it seems like they could have been more than just friends.  But hey, who am I to speculate that a tall, dark and handsome classic Hollywood actor may have liked a little man-on-man action now and again?  No one is gay in Hollywood!

 Din din
Having a little tea at their home.

Playtime at their home–in Silverlake, CA.

Suntan lotion?
A bit of suntan lotion perhaps?

Two cute!

So the two of them lived together off and on until the mid forties. They remained very close friends and died a year apart from each other.  I really can’t say for sure that Cary Grant was gay (I hate when people do that) but, I can say he obviously enjoyed the company of Randolph Scott.  Actually, who wouldn’t want to be sandwiched between the two of them?  Look at that photo in the pool!  WoOf!

I know it’s kind of, well, gay  to be going on about a classic Hollywood actor but, it’s Cary Grant.  The man had it going on all the way ’till the end.  Well, at least looks-wise, I have no idea about his personality.  I read a biography about him a while back.  Apparently, he was pretty freaky actually–but hell, he looked  great!

Still got it.

My role model…

7 Thoughts on “It’s All About The Stache

  1. Cathy on 10/11/2007 at 2:11 PM said:

    That is an extremely handsome photo (I’m going to show it to Betty) and I agree, the stache stays!

    Interesting perspective on Cary and Randolph! Love you. xox

  2. The stache gets the Cathy seal of approval. That’s awesome!

  3. The stache looks good.

  4. Mirko on 11/11/2007 at 8:12 AM said:

    keep the stache, without u looks like a boy! I like daddies!!! 🙂

  5. Glamour shot!

  6. Jim on 12/11/2007 at 10:22 AM said:

    Welcome back, “old” you. And I only mean that in the best possible way :). What a great photo.

  7. Joe on 15/11/2007 at 2:24 PM said:

    That picture is GREAT! Incredible likeness. And don’t fret the wrinkles, they enhance the character I have been told, read the D.I.T. handbook when you forget again.

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