Vroom!I was getting restless this afternoon so on a whim I just got my bike gear and took off for a short ride.  

I love riding my bike and out here, there are plenty of places to go.  There’s something about sailing along a two lane highway through the high desert on a cool Sunday afternoon.  My mind goes into this zone.  It’s just me and the open road. 

While I was driving along a big hawk came flying into my path.  I ducked but could swear the tip of its wings brushed the top of my helmet like we had some sort of camaraderie.  We came that close to each other as if it were in slow motion.  It was fantastic. 

There is one interesting side effect to riding my motorcycle.  It gets me rather charged up–so to speak.  Perhaps it’s the 1100cc engine vibrating between my legs or the fact that I’m wearing leather and going very fast.  Whatever the case may be, I’m all worked up by the time I walk in the door and “Honey I’m home” has a whole new meaning.

Ahh, it’s a guy thing I guess.  Guys are obsessed with sex.  I don’t care what anybody says.  That guy–gay or straight–sitting in a crowded public place “people watching” has an inner dialogue that goes something like this:

I’d fuck you.
…and you.
Hmmm…not you.  Sorry.
You!  Oh yes…right now.  I’d do you.
Ugh!  Hell no!  Not a chance.  And then you woke up.
Hello!  Drop the other half off and let’s talk.

So many of my female friends complain that all guys think about is sex.  Well, duh!  Men are hard wired that way (so to speak).  I’m not going to apologise for my libido.  If men weren’t horn dogs we would have never made it this far. 

In my opinion, people have varying degrees of sexuality and not everybody is either gay or straight.  Some straight men like a little guy on guy action occasionally.  It doesn’t mean they’re gay or even bisexual, it just means they like a little man love now and again.  I, on the other hand, am very gay.  I’m like…off the charts alpha gay.  That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m dry humping every person that comes along–I do have my discretions you know (picky and perpetually horny–kill me now).  It just means I like the company of men.  Doesn’t mean we have to get naked.  It just means that I find satisfaction with what I call fellowship. 

I just know I’m a dirty old man in the making. 

It’s tough to be open about sexuality.  People are so messed up in the head about sex in general.  I personally don’t care what people do in the sack as long as no one gets hurt and everyone involved is honest.  If you have an arrangement with your other half to play with others or engage in acts that involve small household appliances–great!  If you don’t and you’re doing it anyway, well that’s just not too cool–unless you’re totally hot and doing it with me.  I’m kidding!  God!

Fortunately, I have a very understanding partner and it does, as they say, take two to tango…

5 Thoughts on “Sex On Wheels

  1. I get the same way riding my bicycle!!! Not.

  2. I’ve always wondered why my friend doesn’t sell his motorcycle. I get it now. 😉

  3. Joe on 26/11/2007 at 11:50 AM said:

    Alpha gay…….I like the term and can apply it here as well. I don’t even have any women friends I can think of. I have often wondered if I was the only one who’s really long term best friends have started with a sexual encounter of one kind or another. You call it fellowship and I might call it bonding. Hot mental images conveyed in this entry Cobban!

  4. Wishing you the happiest birthday! I love your security word. It was blood. How gothic of you.

  5. Happy

    I knew a man in Chicago who had a prepared question for those with whom he had sex for the first time: “Am I helping you break an agreement you’ve made with another?” If he got a ‘yes’ he wouldn’t proceed. I always thought him brilliant for this.

    Hope your day was extra birthy.


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