Ahhh travel, travel, travel.  Seems like I just can’t avoid it.  Next week I’m off to New Hampshire for the Primary–actually I’m in New Hampshire for a software training class.  It just happens to start on the same day as the Primary.  Thank goodness I booked my hotel room way in advance. 

The nice thing about going to New Hampshire is that I have family nearby so I plan to stay an extra day to hang with the rellies.  I was originally going to visit my uncle Bob who was quite ill but alas, I didn’t quite make it in time

In early February, Ray and I are going to Washington DC to attend the Studio Theathre’s 30th Anniversary Gala.  My cousin Janet is the chair for the board.  I am very excited because I will get to see some more family.  I am very fortunate, my family gets along really well.  We always have a great time together.  I’m looking forward to the Anniversary Gala too!

I’m not looking forward to flying back East twice during the winter months.  

Ray and I have had such good travel karma.  I just hope it lasts for the next two months.  Nothing is worse than getting stuck somewhere due to bad weather.  One time we were flying back to Chicago from LA after Thanksgiving.  I had come down with one of those bugs where you puke so much it feels like your stomach is going to deploy from your mouth like an inflated airbag on impact.  We landed in Kansas City and all flights were cancelled–at the end of the Thanksgiving weekend.  We ended up renting a car the next morning and driving home.  It took nine hours. 

Ray and I have also been toying with the idea of an international trip in the early Autumn–and no I’m not talking about Mexico.  Greece would be nice.  So would Scotland.   Who knows where we’ll end up.  In some ways, I don’t care where we go outside of the continental United States.  I just want to see everything!

4 Thoughts on “Fly Like An Eagle

  1. I dream of emigrating to Scotland. Or Ireland.

    My spam stopper phrase for this comment is “residents halo”. I’m beginning to think these things are oracular. Digital fortune cookies?

  2. If you need an assistant while you travel internationally let me know! “I wish to see the world”

    btw…I think someone is planning a b day party for me on the 27th. Its hush hush but I am a huge snoop! So I hope you will be in town to make it.

  3. psst: Australia beckons thee!

  4. Kevin on 21/01/2008 at 9:02 PM said:

    Wow, the Studio Gala must be something special… $400 a ticket!

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