Wake up!You know what I did this morning when I woke up?  Nothing.  I just maintained a fetal position in my warm comfy bed.  Sometimes when you wake up, you have to just lay there motionless for about five minutes–especially when life has been whirring around you like a spinning top with a lot of momentum.  It’s like an act of defiance.  I’m not going to jump up and move, move move!  I’m not!

Of course, it’s winter here in the high desert and the house gets rather cold at night.  The heater hadn’t kicked in which is another good reason to stay in bed.

The need for coffee soon overtook my desire to cocoon under the covers and the cat was getting restless for food.  When Ray is here, it’s like coffee, heat and cat feeding all happens automatically.  He spoils me so.  He’s just that type of guy who springs up and starts going at the crack of dawn.

My complaints about the cold certainly fall on deaf ears when it comes to Ray right now who’s in Chicago looking after Aunt Leona’s creaky old house.  The current temperature there is 3.

Ray and I once again have been on the move.  He was in LA while I was in New Hampshire last week.  He’s in Chicago right now and we’re both going to DC and Chicago next month.  Did I mention that I’m rehearsing for a play, working out three nights a week with a trainer, volunteering for the Mule Mountain Relay for Life, designing a logo for a startup and rebuilding the entire county website all at the same time?  Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy.  I’m trying to get my guitar practice and script memorization in whenever I can as well. 

It’s nobody’s fault that I am in this predicament.  The director of the play asked me months ago if I would be interested and, at that time, I had hardly anything going on so I said yes.  Oh, yeah, I play three characters in the play.  Just an added layer of complexity.

As far as the upcoming Chicago trip, Aunt Leona couldn’t really provide a time-line of events surrounding her death so she’s off the hook.  It’s kind of hard to plan things around death if you don’t know when a person is going to permanently check out. 

But you know what?  I refuse to compromise on the gym.  I have to go as much as I can.  It’s a promise to myself and I’m tired of being tired of my physical well being.  Besides, my trainer knows every guy there and introduces me to them.  She’ll have these buff–and very friendly–guys show me how to do certain exercises.  I’m OK with that. 

I like my gym.  It’s not glossy.  It’s not a meat market.  It’s mostly serious fitness enthusiast working out with the ubiquitous Pop-Hits radio station playing in the background.  There are a few women as well and they, like my trainer, are really into weight lifting.  My trainer is 50 and bops around like a 25 year old.  She’s doing something right because she looks hot.  I think I’ve gotten over the first hurdle of going to a gym–looking like an asshole because you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, I actually have today and tomorrow to do whatever the hell I want.  Blogging was at the top of my list.  I also want to get some work-work done.  I have a new docking laptop from the county so I can do stuff at home which I love!  I enjoy what I do and don’t mind putting in an hour or two from home on my time off.  The coffee is better here anyway and I have an office with a window.  Several windows actually.

The best part about being so busy is that I don’t have time to notice winter moving along.  By the first week in April, most of my busy stuff will be over and…it’ll be April.  Spring!  Pool weather!

The worst part about being so busy is blog neglect for which I am very sorry.  I will make an effort to blog as much as I can.  Blogging is not a thing that I can do quickly.  I’m too wordy.  It takes me a while to compose my thoughts.  That being said…I’m going to keep on blogging. 

2 Thoughts on “Hello BlogWorld! I Missed You.

  1. YAY!!! Bear and I love your blog. I am glad things are going well although you are so incredibly busy. We are well and moving to Grafenwohr in a couple of months.. Yes… I know.. we JUST got here in Schweinfurt 🙂

    PS.. Bear is the First Sergeant now. He is kicking butt. I am still the House Frau but that should change when we move 😀



  2. Good to hear you again. This morning in Chicago it’s still cold, but not as bad as the last couple of days. As is frequently the case during winter cold spells, it’s warmed up to snow. Then back into the deep freeze.

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