Well, once again we are having connectivity problems.  According to our wireless Internet privider’s web test, we’re downloading at 1.5 MBPS.

Uh, yeah…right.

I was going to blog about how both the two big Oscar contenders have totally hot characters with not just staches, they have Big Ol’ Staches!   It’s about time.  Maybe the Big Ol’ Stache will come back in style.  Then I’ll have to shave mine off…nah…not going to happen.

I guess I can’t post any photos of Daniel Day Lewis or Josh Brolin because I can’t do a friggin’ Google images search due to my computer problems. 

You know the story; The ISP say it’s your wireless network box and the people who make the box say it’s your ISP and you know that it’s just really God being mad at you for writing bad things about the bible.

I thought technology was supposed to make things easier.

2 Thoughts on “Hey! I’m Trying To Blog Here!

  1. 2008 is the year of big staches!

  2. I agree with Homer! Let’s make 2008 the year of the big stache!

    Staches are great in 2008!

    Hey, the spam blocker words are “less psychology”. Less psychology–more staches!

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