Ray and I were flying home yesterday from a fabulous trip to DC.  (I’ll blog about that later).  We had a layover in Dallas.  Our flight was delayed due to snow in Tucson.

Thanks global warming!

Instead of getting home at a reasonable hour and having some down time, we got home in the evening, ate and hopped into bed.  I hate doing that. 

I have a gazillion things to do this week (including voting today) and that is taking me farther and farther away from blogging.  I have Friday off but will probably be working all day from home.  I’ll probably just post some of the photos from my trip without saying to much about the event.  Me not saying much?  Hard to believe.

I just need to get past April…

One Thought on “There’s No Place like DALLAS?

  1. April’s really an evil bitch. All she ever does is trash-mouth her friends and then she goes out in public wearing that one outfit, the one green thing she wears over and over again because she thinks it makes her ass look smaller. Every party I’ve ever seen her at she gets shit-faced and ends up hitting on all the gay men. Get a clue, April. We do not want it (from you, anyway). She’s such a total mess, just like the month they named her after…

    Oh hey – wait a minute. Were you talking about the MONTH of April? Oops.

    Never mind.

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