This was featured on Yahoo news today:

Surprise in diabetes study
People with heart disease and diabetes may need to alter their habits.”

No shit!

Warning–I’m about to rant.  I may not be 100 percent accurate in my medical information but I’m a six foot two, forty two year old man , weighing in at 175lbs in perfect health (good blood pressure–great cholesterol levels), I must be doing something right to be able to go off on this subject.

People with heart disease and diabetes may need to alter their habits
This is news?  We cut school funding, take away recess and gym, put in vending machines and serve over-processed crap to our kids and wonder why they are fat and diabetic.  Am I missing something?  If you don’t move around physically, you get fat.  If you eat crap, you develop health problems.  Almost everything that comes in a can or a bag that you heat and serve is crap.  It’s full of salt, sugar and partially hydrogenated oil. 

Partially Hydrogenated Oil 
Partially Hydrogenated <<insert type of oil here>> = Trans Fat.

The Twinkie won’t say trans fat in the ingredients.  It’ll say partially hydrogenated oil.  If it’s creamy and “fresh” after being on the shelf for several months, it’s full of trans fat and that’s icky.  Don’t put that in your body.

There are good fats and bad fats but trans fat is by far, the worst fat there is.  Put down the trans fat!  Now step away slowly! 

Sugar Free
If you drink diet soda in place of water or eat “sugar free” things with NutraSweet®, you’re still freaking out your pancreas thus making your glucose levels fly off the charts.  Drink water or in my case, plain unsweetened iced tea.

UPDATE From Can Sugar Substitutes Make You Fat?

A carbohydrate is a major source of fuel for your metabolism.  No carb diets are, um, stupid.  That’s expecting you car to run on an empty tank of gas.  White flour, white bread, white anything for that matter is gross.  This whitening process (for lack of a better term) is really, really bad because it strips away of every bit of fiber and nutrients leaving a white goo that metabolises into sugar in your system and clumps up in your digestive tract.  Goo sticking in your digestive tract…that can’t be good for you.  That’s why you need fiber–lots of it.  Fiber is literally like eating an SOS pad that scrapes the sticky shit out of you.  You exfoliate your face–exfoliate your colon!

There are several types of carbs so I’m just going to simplify:

1. Refined Carbs (White Rice, White Bread)
2. Unrefined Carbs (Brown Rice, Wheat Bread)

Refined carbs are like lighting a piece of paper.  They flare up, burn bright and go out in an instant.  Unrefined carbs are like a lump of coal.  They ignite, burn evenly and taper off slowly until they go out.  It’s better to fuel yourself with slow burning coal.  More efficient.

Sugar is one of the most refined carbs you can find.  Eat something sugary and your blood sugar spikes way up and then way down making you feel hungrier than you really are.  Throw in a diet rich in refined carbs (which also spikes your blood sugar) and you’re in insulin shock.  Wash that down with diet coke while you’re glued to the TV set and you’re morbidly obese.  The medical insurance system goes out of whack and I have to pay for it. 

It’s easy to eat right
Eat fruit – not fruit rollups
Eat veggies – not frozen peeled bagged stuff
Eat meat (if you want) – just not every single day. 
Drink water

It’s easy to be active
Park across the parking lot
Take the friggin’ stairs if it’s just one or two (or three) floors
Take an occasional walk – you’ll be glad you did
Turn. Off. The. TV.

Most importantly (in my humble opinion) it’s better to go natural with all foods, even the bad ones.  Eat butter on your toast –not margarine(which is FULL of trans fat). Pour half and half in your coffee not non-dairy creamer (which is also FULL of trans fat).  Eat or drink something with sugar as long as it’s in small doses and not every day.  You have to have some fun.

One more thing:
When I first started changing my diet, I felt that the raw veggies and low salt foods were bland.  They’re not.  I was just so used to eating that other crap.  On the rare occasion I do eat something out of a bag or at a—dare I say it–Olive Garden, it tastes like a salt lick dipped in sugar.  Eat the good foods, you get used to it. 

More tips:
Hummus can double as a sandwhich spread.
Bake a sweet potato.  They actaully taste good plain.
Try lemon or cucumber in your water
Plain unsweetened herbal iced teas are yummy
Try quinua

3 Thoughts on “No Shit

  1. I need to have my dad read this. And more important–I need to start drinking water again.

    Thank you for your support. It means a lot to have a “total stranger” thinking about you.

  2. My husband actually had to explain to one of his patients once that organic ice cream, though less ‘toxic,’ is still ice cream. Yes, it’s got fat in it. Yes, eating a pint of it every other day will make you fat. If the pint is your serving, you will get fat. He wandered into my office after meeting this patient with a very dazed expression on his face…

  3. I know!!! “Fat Free” doesn’t mean calorie free. You have to learn to be a label reader.

    A pint every day…?

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