Cosmos!It was about 100 degrees yesterday afternoon. When we got home from work, Ray shook up some Cosmopolitans and I hopped in the pool.

Bisbee Pride has come and gone for another year. The play was well received but I’m glad it’s over. I’m also glad the Relay For Life is over as well. I am so relieved that I no longer have mid-week meetings and rehearsals. Now I can enjoy the rest of the summer. It’s supposed to be in the triple digits for the next week. Soon the rains will come and it will cool down a bit. The only bummer is that motorcycle riding and swimming are subject to massive thunderstorms so I’m trying to get as much of that in as I can.

I have been really bummed since my digital SLR crapped out on me. This is the time of year when I like to photograph lightning storms and meteor showers. Kinda hard to do that with a teeny tiny point and shoot. After spending a bundle on the bike, I just can’t justify more money on a new camera outfit.

I have a wish. I’m going to make my wish right now. I read The Secret! Yeah, it’s a silly little book but the overall idea of positive thinking and asking the Universe for things is something I believe in…so here goes.

I would like to not have to work. There, I said it—go ahead and laugh. It’s my wish and I’ll be damned to deny myself the satisfaction of daydreaming how cool it would be to somehow have enough money to live comfortably off the interest. No need to be wealthy, I just want to be able to purchase high-end video and still camera equipment so that I can write music all day and create cool little movies and submit them to small film festivals. Our friend Terry likes to watch Current on TV. (You make the news they put it on television.) Every time it’s on, Terry turns to me and says, “You could do this.”

I could totally do it.

The only problem is having to go be a webmaster all week.  Sorta gets in the way. 

I have the recording equipment and software for audio/video editing.  I just need this:

Canon XL H1S HD camcorder

…and this too:

Nikon D200 (Shoots Timelapse)

Who knows what the future has in store for me?  Maybe I’ll win the lotto or…or…I don’t know.  Many people dream big and somehow make it happen.  Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s fun to daydream about it. . .

Lights.  Camera.  Action!

6 Thoughts on “Pride And Stuff

  1. pene on 17/06/2008 at 2:31 PM said:

    hey, Cobban. You think the people of Darfur just didn’t want it enough to escape their lives?
    Even in jest, suggesting that piffle like the secret legitimatizes the attitude that we are entitled to live better than the rest of the world because we wanted it more.

    gads, next thing you’ll be rhapsodizing about god.

  2. To pene: I never made such a suggestion that we are entitled to live better than the rest of the world because we want it more. I don’t think that stupid little book does that either. I simply stated that I made a wish–which anyone in the world, including the people of Darfur can do. Anyone who reads my blog knows that most of my posts are about positive energy and being thankful for every little thing around us. Rhapsodizing about god!? Holy shit! You’ve not read my blog at all.

  3. pene on 18/06/2008 at 7:07 AM said:

    rhapsodizing about god was sarcasm! and for the record, i don’t think you believe the secret. but that stupid little book, and even stupider celebs (like Jim Carey) believe it and talk as if it works. so i wanted to point out the basic flaw in that thinking.
    sorry, your wish would have been better positioned without that stupid book reference.
    I don’t want to work either but i know that will only happen in a near random universe…and the way it get out of work could cost me a lot. Not as much as the people of Darfur, of course, but still cost me.

  4. I agree that my wish would have been better positioned without that stupid book reference (even though I firmly believe in the power of positive thought). Note to self: slug down a little more coffee first thing in the morning before checking blog comments. I’m not much of a morning person and I’m usually a little cranky before the caffine kicks in. Thanks for your input. It’s appreciated.

  5. pene on 18/06/2008 at 9:32 AM said:

    what the heck, i’m cranky all day! And lately I’ve been getting my coffee delivered! (house guest)

  6. whatthehull on 10/07/2008 at 10:04 AM said:

    I would like to not have to work. Ok, my first time commenting on your site, we’ll see if you read this… if you’re paying attention. You know I love ya and we have had conversations about “The Secret.” If you read “The Secret”, the universe is only registering part of what you’re putting out there. So the universe is only hearing “I…. have to work.” It’s not registering the negative “would like to not”. So you might want to retstate your request.

    Love ya both! Still trying to practice myself.
    Vicky Pollard

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