Since the play and the web site deadline have come and gone, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  Ray went to LA to see his mom and I was doing the basic I-have-the-house-all-to-myself thing; playing music loud, leaving dirty dishes in the sink, and spending countless hours on the Internet.  I finally decided to get productive.  I had a ton of laundry to do. 

I loaded up the machine, pulled the knob out and made my way back to the home office with a fresh cup of coffee.  About 45 minutes later, I realized I should go put my clothes in the dryer.  I turned the corner toward the kitchen and to my surprise there was water everywhere


From the time I pulled the little knob until that moment, the water had not stopped filling up the washing machine–for 45 minutes!  It seeped under the walls from the kitchen all the way into the master bedroom closet.  There were sections of our bamboo flooring that were completely submerged.  The water in the carpeting was squirting up through my toes when I walked on it. 

Ever have one of those, what-the-hell-do-I-do-first moments?  This was supposed to be my weekend of relaxation!

Thankfully, the laundry room is right off the garage and a lot of the water just flowed out that way.  It also made its way out the front door.  The washing machine is broken–obviously–so were going to Sears right now to buy a front loading water saving model.  Ray has been diligently vacuuming the carpets with our shop vac which seem to be pulling the water up.  I guess it’s the perfect time of year to have a flood in the house.  It’s very dry and breezy.   Let’s just pray the bamboo flooring doesn’t warp.  I think bamboo is very porous.  I hope it dries out quickly. 

What really, really sucks is that I finally decided the day before to shell out the $399.99 for a POD® X3 digital guitar amp modeler.  I have wanted one for several years and since I made it past my two big projects, I was going to focus on my music (and the gym–been back twice already).  Thank goodness we’re all getting the refund to “stimulate the economy”.  I’d say I just stimulated the hell out of it. 

Oh well,  I can play guitar in time with my clothes spinning around in the laundry room.  My first album will be called Tuesday Night Laundromat Club. 

Heaven help us all.

2 Thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere

  1. I see the PODX3 comes in red or… RED. Guess rockers like RED. Maybe you can get a fancy new water-efficient washer in RED with RED accents? I sympathize with the flooding. Our own little abode has flooded three times this year, due to lazy landlords who take too long to fix pre-WWII plumbing. Take pictures of the new toy and the new washer! New things are SHINY!



  2. Alice on 08/04/2008 at 11:31 AM said:

    We had a very minor flood, from our neighbors above ground pooling springing a leek after a big thaw. A lot of snow had already melted so the ground was very saturated to start with, then add a lot more water from a pool, the water was coming up from under the foundation. Yikes!

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