MotionI finally got my act together and made some major changes to my website.  The old Lopaka Lounge site had become stale.  Gone are the static HTML pages and gazillion party pics.  Nowadays, we have things like Flickr, YouTube and WordPress for all of our Internet needs and even though I fancy myself a professional web developer, I now find that it’s better to go to the digital dark side and just let someone else deal with all the fancy schmansy coding issues and besides, this stuff is FREE!

I am excited to start up again with my web site blog.  (I gotta get used to calling it that.)  Web sites are so 1999.  So last century.  Today we blog.  Get it?  Weblog.  Web log!  Oh, I kill me!

I guess I’m kinda old-school when it comes to web development.  Back during the turn of the last century, I was working for a start up called Zefer.  I made good money and was totally up to speed on the latest technologies.  When the bubble burst, I just walked away from it all.  I have been out of the loop for so long.  I just recently became the Database/Web Specialist for the county in which I live.  I guess I still had enough experience left in my memory banks to get the job.  I think the real fact I got it was the substandard salary and that only one other person applied–and declined to be interviewed at the last minute.  This is the dawn of a new age for me.  I need to get back up to speed with technology so I thought I’d redo my own site and try to establish an online presence.  So far, this has been a most frustrating experience.  It’s amazing I still have hair ’cause I’ve been yanking it out by the fist-fulls.

…film at 11.

One Thought on “This just in…

  1. Regina Pace on 05/09/2007 at 8:25 PM said:

    What a wonderful job you’ve done here! I really enjoyed reading about your life and times. I know you brief me on our walks; but man, this site is fabulous. Your writing kept my interest across the pages. Yu time-elapsed photos were beautiful. I do love this place!

    My interview went well today and the test was okay. I liked Mary Gomez and Susan was a little strong; but, I think I could get along with her. They have others to interview but apparently Mike Ortega gave me rave reviews. We’ll see what happens. I just don’t know. I do not want to mess up any chance I have working in Finance. That’s where my heart lies.

    Have fun in Chicago and see you one Monday. R

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