Vroom!Went on a 120 mile bike ride today.  I’ve only had the thing for a little over a week and it’s already got about 500 miles on it. 

I love my bike and I promise not to have a photo of me on it every other post.  Maybe every third post? 

 After a long ride, two hard workouts, lots of sun and sangria…I am wiped out.  So much going on in such a short period.  I just love this time of year.  The days are long, the pool is warm and it’s not quite buggy yet.  Monsoon is still a few weeks away (that’s when the bugs come).  Thank goodness for my neti pot.  I have managed to keep my sinuses in check this season.  Usually, with all the dust, I’m fighting off a sinus infection–until monsoon.  Then all the dust gets matted down and the air gets some moisture in it. 

So while I was riding and thinking of my workout program, I decided that I…uh…think I’m finally going to get…

a tattoo!

I’ve put it off for years.  Just never felt worthy of tattoo-dom.  Until now.  I don’t know what did it.  The bike?  The results from working out?  My mid-life crisis?  All of the above?

I’m not getting any younger.  The shelf life of attractiveness for a gay man is very short so I’m making a valiant effort to work on my D.I.T.  (daddy in training) status.  Daddy types are hot.  Actually, any stubble-faced tattooed in shape motorcycle-riding man over 40 is hot to me.  Think Sam Elliott:

 Sam the Man
OK, so this is an old photo of Sam. 

Not so old photo…

OK, recent photo but he still looks hot to me.

I want to age like Sam.  He’s my role model–my template.  I think I could pull it off if I start speaking with a deep voice, marry Katharine Ross and wake up from my daydream that Sam and I could possibly be in the same category…but I digress.

I definitely don’t want an off the shelf tattoo.  I have something in mind that I’m going to design and then ask my friend Sally to illustrate.  If it comes out the way I envision, it’ll be really cool–especially if she does it. 

On the other hand, I may change my mind tomorrow.  I still have a long way to go before I get a permanent marking on my arms. 

Oh my God!  I’m so tired.  Enough of this self absorbed petty bullshit.  Off to bed for me.

G’night Sam…I’m such a dork. 

7 Thoughts on “120 Miles

  1. What’s the gas mileage for your bike?

  2. The mileage is about 55 mpg. I have to calculate it next time I get gas. A lot depends on how you drive, wind resistance, etc. The fuel tank is just under 4 gallons. I got full insurance coverage through Progressive for $150.00 a year!! (But I have been riding for 2 years now)

  3. >Monsoon is still a few weeks away (that’s when the bugs come).

    Yeah, I can’t wait. The monsoon bugs are what bring me to southeast AZ every year. The collecting is without peer anywhere else in the country. I love monsoon season. I’ll be there the last week in July. French Joe Canyon, here I come! Of course, most folks have a very different reaction from mine about bugs and the monsoon.

  4. Coole on 15/06/2008 at 9:46 AM said:

    How about you on a motorcycle every third and Sam on the other two…you’re a man after my own heart, Coole

  5. What can I say? Sam is the man.

  6. I agree wholly with Sam Elliot being “the man” and way sexier as he’s aged. I read an interview this week with Karen Allen (female lead in the new Indiana Jones movie) who just turned 51. She said that she’d had this moment of awareness at one point, where she’d been browsing in a coffee table book of female actresses…. Each one had one childhood picture, one as a young girl, one as a young woman, and then one at 40-50 with several after that “turning point” of maturity. She said she was struck because some of the women were a car wreck after they hit that maturity point – they fought aging tooth and nail, and it showed. Others, on the other hand, aged gracefully, dressing/using makeup/seemingly living hand in hand with their advancing age, rather than fighting it, and they aged beautifully.

    I don’t know, it may just be that the more beautiful ones had more skillful makeup designers on their side, but… I hope I’m eventually able to accept that I’m not a teen any more, and step into that “mature” stage of my life with good grace and plenty of moisturizer. *grin*

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