Anyone know what a degausser is? It’s a device to decrease or eliminate an unwanted magnetic field.  We use them here at work to wipe all the info off old hard drives.

For reasons I still don’t understand, the thing makes a hell of a noise.  It’s kind of like the electronic machinery in Frankenstein’s laboratory that brings the creature to life.  It’s really, really loud.  They’re degaussing across the hall.  It’s Monday morning, I have a terrible case of the fuckits and Frankenstein’s monster is coming to life right here in IT.  Need I say more?

As usual, I’m freezing my ass off.  My cold hell-with-florescent-lighting office is situated right next to the server room so I imagine that’s why this office is so cold.  I just don’t get it with all the air conditioning.

OK, here’s a question:

Why do people turn the A/C down to a temperature in summer that would be considered cold in winter and vice versa with the heater?  What’s up with that?  If it were 65 degrees outside right now, we’d have the heat up to 80!

Why can’t we just set the fucking thing to 70 and leave it alone?

It’s fucking July in Arizona and I’m sitting here wearing a sweater.

One Thought on “Just Another Random Monday

  1. You’ll know when it’s really cold in your office when they start hanging meat next to yer desk. Stay warm! Cheers! Jak

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