Splish!Ray and I made our way up to Tucson yesterday to pick up the other fountain we bought.  First we had lunch with Sandy.  It was nice to eat at a place the had linen napkins as opposed to the standard Bisbee paper napkin eating establishment.  Even though the iced tea was kind of  “mod” for lack of a better word, it was quite refreshing.  It had some pomegranate or something in it.  I’m very particular about my iced tea.  I like: Iced. Tea.  No sugar and no funny business with lots of ice and a straw.

After lunch we said goodbye and stopped at Fractured Earth to look at tile and stuff.  We’re planning on doing a design treatment to the fireplace in the great room. 

I love tile stores.  You’d think I was doing the X because all I can do is run my hands and fingers over everything.  I love texture!  I love to see it, feel it. 

Eventually we made it to The Fountain Center and had the piece loaded in the car.  When we got home to set it up, we realized that it was heavier than a motherfucker.  It is, after all, concrete!  Long story short we got it all set up (and had a good workout). 

Once it got dark and–I had one too many vodka rocks–the fountain started taking on a Gothic Batman/Blade Runner look to it.  So I had to make a little movie because I’m a total dork.

Here is a special effects shot if I were to use our fountain in a Sci Fi movie:

5 Thoughts on “Fountain Deux

  1. The sci-fi fountain shot is neat. Very “Alien” to me for some reason. Or Borg.

  2. Sylvia on 13/07/2008 at 10:07 AM said:

    Your first fountain has a very Mayan look to me and the second one has a skyscraper art deco look.

    My parents lived for years in Winterhaven – the subdivision across the street from where you bought your fountains.

    Loved the videos.

  3. Ray’s sister lives in Winterhaven! I totally agree on the first fountain looking Mayan. They both seem at home here.

    Thanks for watching the videos. It helps amplify the expression.

  4. I’m thinking Alien too. I would have never imagined the fountain this way without your homemade movie though…

  5. For someone with a number of vodka/rocks in his system, you’re holding that camera might steady. That’s hardcore, dude! 😉

    Thanks for joining me for lunch at Motzi!

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