Stormy July

Stormy July (taken on my front porch).

Wow, did we have a killer storm roll by last night.  It was like the sky opened up.  Ray and I took turns going from front to back porches.  It was like being on the dance floor with all the flashing.  I love monsoon.

My mom and a handful of family members are on their way from LA right now.  Brother rented a motor home to get everyone here.  Hope the weather holds out for some pool time.  I’m going to show them all around Bisbee, Tombstone and the outer areas. 

I upgraded my WordPress blogging software and some of my site got jacked up.  The little “About Me” module with the dorky B&W photo just disappeared.  I’ll get it all back up to speed soon.  Right now, I have to focus on the rellies weekend visit.

A little movie of the storm:

One Thought on “Now That’s A Storm!

  1. Sylvia on 25/07/2008 at 10:41 AM said:

    Makes me homesick for southern Arizona and I haven’t lived there for 50 years.

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