Last night Ray’s sister Jan and her friend Diane arrived for a short visit.  Ray and Jan were in the kitchen and Diane and I were sitting in on the back patio chatting.  Diane was telling me something…I can’t remember and I noticed something on the ground about eight feet behind her in front of the screen door.

It was a rattlesnake.

A fucking rattlesnake!!  It wasn’t big–but it was big enough.  I got up slowly and said to Diane “Don’t.  Move.”  I called for Ray.  He came out with a broom and tapped the handle on the ground.  Annoyed, the snake slithered over toward the fountain and shook its rattle just a bit before going into the water.  It kind of splashed in and out and then curled up behind the fountain.  We decided to eat inside.  A few hours later, I checked behind the fountain.  The snake was gone. 

That’s life out here in the country.  I’d rather have a slide-by rattler than a drive-by shooting.  Really, I would.

3 Thoughts on “Just Didn’t Have Time To Grab The Camera

  1. Very cool. I didn’t gert a good look at one last week when I was out your way. I did see a couple in the road at night but that’s it. Last year I had a much better encounter with one.

  2. I almost stepped on one once on vacation in Wyoming, or was it Montana? Freaked the bejeezus out of me. Closest I’ve ever been to shrieking with fright!

  3. I concur that rattlesnakes are better than hoodrats.

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