This month’s Advocate came.  As I was glossing through the pages, this face jumped out at me.

This photo is part of a show at the Wessel + O’Connor Fine Art gallery in Brooklyn.  It’s called The Company of Men.  Photographer Blake Little described it by saying “I wanted to show a particular type of masculine gay male that I appreciated and related to but that I did not see photographed anywhere else; an alternative to stereotypes or what is usually seen as the physical ideal of a man in the mainstream.”

Oh. My. God.

What a collection of photographs.  Each subject in every photo expresses the true essence of the human male.  Are they cute, young and polished?  No.  They’re just regular hunky dudes.  None of this A&F twinkie yack.  It’s like someone read my mind (scary) and captured Cobban’s Type in a photo gallery.  A dream come true if you ask me.  I just want to be buddies with all of them–which makes this exhibit so interesting.  The photos go beyond being sexually appealing.  It’s like…you just want to hang out with the guys in the pictures.  Well, I wanna hang out with them.  Maybe I can host a Company Of Men pool party!  Yeah…and then I woke up. 

It just so happens that Ray and I are headed out to NY/DC next month and I’m going to make a fast dash to see this show.  I’m particularly fond of Wolfgang, the man in the photo above.  I just want to go chop wood with him.

You can view the photos from the show here

My other favorite is number 47. Vince in Long Beach.

4 Thoughts on “The Company Of Men

  1. The weird Kevin-effect strikes again. You may recall when I was visiting you guys that it turned out I knew some folks you know indirectly. Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, I find connections. This is a case in point; I know no fewer than five of the guys in this exhibit – though sorry, I don’t know either of the two you are especially fond of, so I can’t facilitate any introductions 🙂

    Hope all’s well with you both!

  2. OMG! You know some of the guys in the exhibit? You lucky dog! Funny how that connections thing works. Remember, you know where to reach me should one of those guys get anywhere near Arizona. 🙂 Hope all is well with you too!

  3. You’re right, those men are all damn studly!

    I’m acquainted with Julio (#25), who used to live in Phoenix, actually, but not with the two that ya are hot for in particular. Maybe you can contact the photographer and get their email addresses? ;D

  4. You’re going to be in NYC? I wanna meet!

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