img_38301Everywhere I turn, there’s a reference to the new Nikon D-90 Digital SLR.  I can’t stop thinking about how much I want that camera.  It’s one of those things I can’t just ignore anymore because I know I’ll use the damn thing.  I have owned cameras for most of my life.  I’m always taking photos.  I used to have a darkroom. 

God…remember the darkroom?

I went to Best Buy the other day.  They had one there.  I picked it up and tinkered around.  The camera was very fast and had great action.  (OK gay boys, in this context, the terms fast and action mean something entirely different.)

The smug sales guy came over to me asking if I had any questions.  I said “Yes. Why is every item in the world of retail being slashed down to 70% off with the exception of this camera?”

He didn’t get my humor.  I asked more questions.

“Does the additional software record sound simultaneously to the computer from a remote mic source when the camera is in HD video mode?  What are the time lapse parameters?  Can I shoot a 10 second exposure every 15 seconds?  Will it take standard AA rechargeable batteries like my deceased Olympus E-20 N or will I be stuck with a proprietary Nikon battery that I’ll have to pay a fortune for when it can’t hold a charge any longer?”

Naturally, he was clueless to my queries but it was OK because I did my research and knew the answers anyway.  It was almost cute when his eyes started to cross with befuddlement.  I finally asked him how long it would take before they would drop the price or when it might go on sale.  He huffed and said “If I knew that, I wouldn’t tell you.”  At first I was kind of pissed by his remark but felt instant comfort when I realized he’ll probably be working at Best Buy in Sierra Vista for the rest of his natural life. 

They were asking a lot of dough for the body and a nice lens.  Too rich for my blood.  I tried to put it out of my mind–which is similar to me not thinking about sex so naturally I have decided to get the camera! 

I’ll useit and it’s been over a year since my Olympus crapped out on me…it was only five.  I’m jonesing for an SLR. 

My father sent me some cash for the holidays, Ray said he would contribute a bit.  This morning I dumped out and counted the loose change in my dressing area.  It was overflowing in a bowl in my closet catching my eye since I developed this fixation for a new camera. 

$83.00 Quarters
$15.10 Dimes
$03.40 Nickles
$02.02 Pennies
$00.00 Lint balls

$103.52 Total!

I knew there was a lot of cash in there but…$103.52!  Shit! 

Now, a few years back, I would have had that camera and all the fixins the day it came out regardless of cost.  I also would have had late fees on my credit card, no car insurance and sleepless nights freaking out at my debt.  That was before Ray (who was dutiful in our partnership by teaching me to be wise with money) Now my wallet gets constipated at the mere mention of spending money–especially for something that I technically don’t need.  Maybe I almost need it?  It would be an asset to my blog.  It shoots HD video and time lapse!  I did this time lapse clip with my old camera:


I’m not about to run back to Best Buy.  Aside from the fact that it’s not really the Best Buy, I’m going to shop around a bit (and see someone about selling a kidney on the black market).  Ray made me promise one thing; I can’t bitch and moan when the camera drops in price the day after I get it.

4 Thoughts on “Loose Change

  1. The proper response to ‘If I knew that I wouldn’t tell you,’ is, ‘I understand, don’t fret. It’s not like I’d actually buy it here anyway.’

  2. LOL Rick. Can we do a mind meld? Just give me some of that wit?

  3. Time lapse clip = totally amazing.

  4. dash on 12/01/2009 at 9:27 PM said:

    Loverly film clip.

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