img_3906Since Ray and I live in a remote area, we have to use propane.  The last time we filled up the tank, it was very, very expen$ive.  That makes me, who hates being cold, a heat miser. 

The house gets down to 63 during the night.  It would be a waste to heat it up in the morning only to run out the door an hour later so we get by on a space heater in the office for our daily routine.

Parker kitty has taken to jumping up on my lap in the morning.  She’s demanding about this new ritual so I tend to give in and let her curl up while I have coffee and check email.  It’s very amusing as she seems to enjoy Ray’s company much more than mine. 

This morning, after she got herself all cozy, Ray turned around and said “See! She loves her dad.”  I told him that she hates her dad and the notion of her loving me was anthropomorphic.  The real reason she wants to be on my lap is to draw my body heat away for her own comfort.  Ray didn’t agree.

I suddenly realized saying she hates me is just as anthropomorphic as saying she loves me.

Does my cat love me?  She seems to express affection when I’m feeding her or sharing my personal body heat (which I need at six a.m.) but other than that, she’s pretty much on her own.

This evening, after a frustrating work day, Parker defiantly jumped up on the cocktail table and started lapping away at my martini. 

LOVE: Oh, Mr. Human, thank you for sharing your delicious martini with me.  I’ve had such a tiresome kitty-kat day.
HATE: Fuck you asshole!  I’m getting me some of this juice ’cause I do whatever the fuck I want to around my domain!!

Do you see the love on her kitty-kat face?  You tell me . . .

6 Thoughts on “Mornin’ Kitty

  1. I dunno… I think cats are pretty standoffish, so if they come up on your lap, they have to enjoy it in some fashion. There are other ways, I’m sure, she could get warmed up. But then I’m a kitty person, so I tend to like them and assume they like me.

    PS I may have an idea about your camera lust.

  2. It’s body heat and it’s love. One of our cats shows a definite preference for Leon. He tolerates me, but it’s Leon he wants to be with. That can’t just be body heat.

  3. If she doesn’t love you I am sure that little miss Martha would do so.

  4. Kitties seem to really like me, whenever I come into a house with kitties they rush to get up on my lap and nuzzle my chin. But then I am horribly allergic to them, so I just assume it’s their way of fucking with me. The little bastards.

  5. Grandma Coole... on 20/01/2009 at 12:25 PM said:

    …throw him a cue-tip…it’s a morning cat thing…Coole

  6. With a sexy name like Parker, how could she NOT have a taste for delicious martinis?

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