DingoMy friends Mark and Barry live in LA.  They own and operate L.A. Outback,  a small business importing and selling didgeridoos as well as other Australian instruments and artifacts.  Mark and I used to play in a band together many years ago and to Mark’s credit, he actually put up with me as a roommate for a while before I met Ray.  I can’t say enough good things about these guys.

Several years back, I visited Mark and Barry in LA.  They had recently befriended a dog that they named Dingo.  Now, I’m not really much of a pet person and dogs tend not to be high on my list of animals (because, in my humble opinion, people don’t discipline their dogs very well and not everyone likes some yappy/barky thing jumping all over them–but I digress).  Anyway, Dingo was not like a dog at all.  He was a person.  I adored him instantly.  Every once in a while, you come across a dog with a remarkable disposition and Dingo had it.  This dog literally expressed human-like facial expressions and just…hung out with us.  I adored him and I could tell that he had become “one of the boys” to Mark and Barry.  Dingo was very lucky to have such doting parents.

Over the years, Dingo has had his share of doggy mishaps.  He had to have some surgery on his knees (I guess dogs have knees–who knew?) and he even survived a rattlesnake bite–which trumps my black widow experience.  The other day I was talking to Mark on the phone and I could hear in his voice that, even though he said he was fine, something was eating at him.  Dingo had been diagnosed with canine lymphoma.

That even got me choked up–hell, I’m getting all teary-eyed writing this.

Mark had just returned from taking Dingo in for treatment.  I could tell that this was going to be a difficult journey.  I just wanted to transport myself through the phone lines and give my friends big bear hugs because I know how much Dingo means to them.  Barry had said, “It’s not like it just one of our dogs or a dog that you have but is kind of difficult but you take care of anyway.  It’s a family member and almost everyone who shops at our establishment knows who he is.”

Mark emailed me the other day.  Dingo has decided to blog about his journey through canine lymphoma.  I have added his site, Our Buddy Dingo to my blogroll.  I encourage you to read it.  I’m also going to ask a big favor of anyone reading this right now; please close your eyes and say a little prayer for our buddy Dingo and while you’re at it, put in a good word for Mark and Barry.  It doesn’t matter what belief system you subscribe to, just send my friends some good vibes.  Dingo is the coolest dog I have ever met.  When you read his blog, you’ll totally know what I’m talking about.

I believe in the power of collective positive thinking.  Let’s all try to help Dingo get throught this.

2 Thoughts on “Our Buddy Dingo

  1. Sal on 09/04/2009 at 8:41 AM said:

    Well, you KNOW that story ripped a good one on my heart strings! Being the dog lover, yippy, jumpy, hairy and all I am. I send good thought to all of them and write on Dingo’s blog. Talk to you tonight.


  2. Dingo on 11/04/2009 at 6:41 PM said:


    This is Dingo. Thanks for posting about my blog and helping others learn of my journey. If you were here I’d give you a big tummy rub!


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