Last night, Ray went to look in on Mama bird.  She wasn’t there.  The eggs were gone and the nest was disheveled.  I sort of had a feeling a nest just a foot off the ground was not a good idea.  It’s tragic but it’s nature. 

We have noticed that another bird had moved into one of the bird houses up in the mesquite tree.  It’s seems very happy.  We planted five mesquite trees in and around the backyard (I need some shade since the whole skin cancer thing).  When they get big enough,  I plan to put more bird houses around. 

I love the sound of chirping birds.  I’ll house them, I just wont feed them.  Around here, you can’t just feed that little cute ones.  If you put feeders around, you attract the whole food chain and the last thing I need is more snakes slithering through the backyard.

Ray planted a desert willow around the front.  It’s quite a break for us in the landscaping department.  We’re trying to keep everything looking natural outside of the courtyards.  You don’t exactly see desert willows around these parts.  It’s a fragrant, flowering tree that smells so good–especially after it rains.  We’re trying to pay attention to every detail for the “experience” of hanging out at Stolen Horseshoe.  There’s the sound of tinkly jazz music and water fountains, the sight of clouds, trees and mountain ranges, the feel of warm air and and a comfy pool and now the smell of the desert willow and desert rain. 

I’d suggest that we are almost finished with the landscaping and decorating but really, we’re never finished.  The inside and outside of our home is always evolving.

When monsoon hits and everything explodes with growth, I plan to do a “Better Homes & Gardens” style photo shoot.  Until then, Ray and I have some landscaping projects to do this morning.

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