Don't let this happen to you.This afternoon I had lunch with my friends Collen and Kerry.  I forgot the name of the restaurant because; A) They took me there and B) I had two–TWO–glasses of wine!

Lunch was fantastic and so was the conversation.  I am quite fond of Collen and Kerry.  They both make me laugh.  Colleen was kind enough to let me try on her hip and cool sunglasses.  You can see by the totally unflattering photo that I am not meant for the world of hip and cool.  Fortunately, I have been grandfathered in by my two friends.  At least for the time being.

After lunch, I stopped by their office.  We all used to work for an Internet consulting firm back before the dot-com bust.  When Zefer (the comapny we worked for) went under, most of my colleagues went over to this new little start up called Orbitz–yes, I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not being a part of that movement. 

Me and CollenAnyway, they showed me around the office and what looked like the command center of the USS Enterprise.  I saw several people I knew just casually walking through the halls.  I am so glad I am able to keep in contact with my old Zefer buds (Even though Marie claims she was sick–she went out drinking the night before.  Whatever Marie, I know you’re just trying to break up with me.)

I’m having a great time in the city.  I forgot what it was like to be an urbanite.  Perhaps I’ll do a little shopping and take in a movie before I meet up with my friends for drinks and dinner this evening.

This just in:
I was relying on free WI-FI hot spots to blog from around town.  I was impressed to see that Caribou Coffee and Cosi both had free WI-FI available for the public–unless you’re gay.  I can understand both establishments freaking out and blocking some of my gay chat/profile sites but at Caribou, I could not even check up on one of my favorite blogs. 

Sorry Jimbo.

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