July 30th was the two-year anniversary of my blog.  Normally I would be excited by this but since I have not been blogging with regularity, I’m kind of sad.

It seems that lately, I have become more of an observer than a reporter.  The desire to express myself has been somewhat subdued.  Am I suffering from expression repression?  Expression repression depression?

In all honesty, summertime is the ultimate distraction.  It tends to keep me away from the computer screen.  I work in Information Technologies and stare at two computer screens all day long.  By the time I get home, I just want to go outside and watch the sunset.

Can you blame me?

The other distraction — and this is a good one — I have been working out and running with a great deal of regularity.  Ray says my calves are getting much bigger!  He’s so good to say complimentary things because it makes me want to work harder.

We’ve been trying to run in the mornings before work.  The thing that sucks about morning exercise is the fact that I continue to sweat after showering.  I try to shower, dress and then jump in the car with all the A/C vents pointing at me in an attempt to dry off before I get to work.  Who wants to see me schvitzing like a pig in the Sahara?

I have also incorporated the Perfect Pushups into my workout routine.  The Perfect Pushup’s rotating handles allow your arms to rotate naturally engaging more muscles and reducing joint strain.  Last year my cousin sent a pair to Ray after having a discussion about wrist pain from standard pushups.  Ray has been using them regularly and all I can say is damn! I have never seen him look better.

Pushups are great for your chest and they define your abs, triceps, shoulders and torso.  Everyone I know with a nice chest tells me that pushups are the ultimate exercise.  When I started, it was really, really hard!  After getting over that initial hump, I have been fighting to keep up with them because I’m tired of seeing other guys with nice bodies — especially when that other guy is my smokin’ hot hubby who’s eight years older than me.

All this activity has been helpful for my sleep.  I go to bed and stay asleep all night long.  Haven’t been able to do that for years.  I’m hoping to see more progress over the next few months.  I’m also hoping to start blogging again with regularity.  I have five unpublished posts!  I start writing and then the post becomes rather epic and hard to finish.  For some reason, I tend to want to blog when I have something to say that is meaningful.  Should I blog about more mundane things?  Do people really care to see photos of the pretty sunset or some strange bug in my backyard?  I suppose I should just write about anything.  After all, that was the whole point of blogging.  It’s kinda like pushups for my brain.  Jogging for my fingers.  Exercise for my writing skills.  Someday, I’d actually like to take my favorite posts, fluff them up and publish a book of essays. . .

One Thought on “Two Years!

  1. Well… I like reading whatever you have to say. After my two visits out to AZ last year, I want to know more about what life there is like; heck, I might move out that way myself one day. Naturally, bird posts are especially interesting 🙂

    You’re probably onto something, though, about summer. I’ve been lax about posting, as have many of my friends who blog. I think we all just have more to do, and so less time to write, during the summer months.

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