My friend Lesley is a little bit creeped out by certain members of the critter family.  As noted on my previous post in the comment section, it’ll probably be a while before I can convince Ms. Crankypants (Lesley) to come West for a visit to Stolen Horseshoe. 

Lesley, this is for you…

I don’t like spiders and snakes…
I’m furry and cute!

This little guy was hanging outside the master bedroom patio when I got home from work today.  He was rather patient as I collected my camera and positioned myself for a good shot.  So patient that it made me wonder…am I becoming the photographer of the Middle of Nowhere?  Did Mr. Snake tell Mr. Tarantula,  “Great headshots at the Shu–he’ll put ya online.”

Some people may be a bit creeped out by this unassuming visitor.  I’m not.  Hell, I grew up right next to Tarantula Hill.  I think Mr. Tarantula is quite beautiful actually. 

Gives ya a sense of scale
Gives ya a sense of scale huh?

I so did not want to post a bit about the tarantula on the patio right after the snake in the front entryway but…that’s just how it is here at Stolen Horseshoe.  I just have to tell it like it is.

This just in:
Minutes after posting my blog entry, I happened upon this sinister creature in the office by Ray’s desk. 

Not crazy about this guy.

Sucked it up with the vacuum cleaner. 

Maybe he just wanted a photo posted online…well, he got one alright.

5 Thoughts on “Sorry Lesley

  1. I like tarantulas- I’ve picked them up with my bare hands to rescue them.

  2. Lesley on 12/09/2007 at 8:07 AM said:

    Yep… You have TOTALLY sealed the deal. I will see you in Chicago and maybe we could meet up in LA when you are there, but not when those kids are out running wild.. Maybe the rainy season is a better time for me to come….

    OH!!! and guess where I ended up last night – GENTRY. They asked about you 😉

  3. Scoripions, sunspiders, and their ilk: eew.

  4. Jim on 12/09/2007 at 9:35 AM said:

    Sounds as if you guys have the Sonoran Desert Museum in your own backyard 🙂 How cool is that? I’m with Homer on rescueing little critters. I rescue everything except cockroaches. I would have even tried to set free the scorpion. Poor little scorpion…not that I’m trying to make you feel guilty or anything, ha, ha. Have a good one, Jim.

  5. Lesley on 12/09/2007 at 11:35 AM said:

    See – even in my city condo – if I see spiders or any creepy crawlies, I will get a glass/tissue and scoop them up and flush them.

    or the cats hunt them. But, either way I can really only handle small spiders, flies, and maybe some bees (but not wasps). Other than that – hell no!

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