I woke up feeling sort of down yesterday.  It’s so funny because I ask myself  “What’s the matter with me? Why to I feel so out of whack?” Then I remember there is a lot going on right now in my life.

My mother is having knee replacement surgery today
My uncle has been given a few months to live
Ray’s aunt (who I am close to) had surgery to remove cancer this week – she’s been in hospital since February.
My dad has two types of cancer going on
I have a ginormous monumental project going on at work which will have an effect on the entire county in which I live so it better be perfect
My finances are a bit strained (for now)

I know some people may read this and say “Yeah, yeah, yeah everybody has problems.”  I understand that.  It just seems to have hit me hard over the past few days.  Not to mention there’s some other minor personal stuff that I don’t care to broadcast to the world.

Guess I just have to keep moving.  Just got back from a two-mile run.  That seems to help.  Off to the shower and then to work. 

Going to Prescott tonight to see my cousin’s kid’s (1st cousin once removed? Homer, help me out here.) mural.  Will return with lots of happy pictures!

One Thought on “I suppose it could be worse

  1. First cousin once removed is correct. I hope you feel better soon!

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