Colleen and DanColleen and Dan got married last Friday.  The ceremony was classy and well executed, which is no surprise because Colleen is an excellent artist and designer (I could swear her bridesmaid’s dresses were the same color blue as the typeface on her wedding invitation).

I have always been quite fond of Colleen.  It was a blast to see her and several of the old Zefer people at the wedding.  I finally got to see Marie again (I am on the warpath to get her to come visit us in Bisbee).  It was also nice to meet some of Colleen’s other friends and family members.  There is something to be said about a person who has such a dynamic group of people surrounding her.  Everyone was very nice and there were several hot guys too—an added bonus if you ask me.

Party Down!The reception lasted six—count ‘em six—hours.  They had a live band that kicked major butt.  I danced like a total dork all night long.  Someone finally had to start flicking the lights off and on like closing time at a gay dance club (I love watching all the gay guys scatter like midnight cockroaches at the sight of the kitchen light being flipped on).  Even though I’ve been back three times this year, I was glad we made the trip back out to Chicago for the occasion.

We also checked up on Ray’s elderly aunt Leona in Itasca.  She’s been in and out of hospitals and nursing facilities since slipping on the ice and breaking her elbow last February.  When we lived in Chicago we would go see her frequently.  She referred to us as “The Boys”.  I have known her for almost fourteen years and think of her as my own aunt.

Leona has not been doing so well these past few months.  It’s distressing to see her in such a state.  Ray has been handling her affairs and making sure she’s getting the best care possible.  She beams when his name comes up and says she doesn’t know what she would do without him.  I don’t know what I would do without him either.

On Saturday, we met up Cathy and some other friends to eat at Trattoria Dinotto.  I had—actually we all had—pumpkin ravioli.  It was delicious.  I mentioned in an earlier post that Cathy was running the Chicago marathon to raise money for breast cancer.  She did a totally cool commercial for the Chicago marathon sponsored by Energizer.  When I figure out how to convert it for the web, I’m going to put it on my blog.

Sunday we went shopping.  I initially set out to find a cheap pair of sweats. I could not find anything of the sort so to reward myself for my hard work and failed effort; I went to a high-end running boutique and bought a pair of sweats for $75.00—because I’m worth it.

Johnnie, Ray, Cobban and PaulSunday night was a blast as well.  After my purchase, Ray and I met up with Paul and Johnnie at Marty’s wine and Martini bar for a drink (I know…I’m supposed to be off drinking for a while but technically I’m on vacation).  After that, Ray’s neice Gretchen and her man Jim came up and we all had a yummy Mediterranean dinner at a place called Andies.

Ray and I had a really good time in Chicago. The October leaves were lingering in Autumnal color.  Even though it was cool and the flowers were a little long in the tooth, the city was charged with the oncoming holiday season. 

We’re on our way back to Stolen Horseshoe as I write this entry on the plane.  I have traveled every weekend this month and I’m ready to stay home and pet the kitty who is beside herself with loneliness.  Might have to get the fireplace going as well.  A cup of hot tea sounds nice…

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