Random Bunny!Here is a totally random photo I took last spring of a baby bunny rabbit that was trying to be invisible out on the front porch.  In the late spring, early summer they’re f*cking everywhere–literally. 

To get an idea of scale, this little bunny would fit in the palm of your hand. 

We have a polite coexistence pretending not to see each other (even though I just want to pick it up and cuddle the little bugger).  

No bunny cuddling.

You have to ignore the wildlife out here.  No feeding or petting.  This isn’t Dances With Wolves.  (Cuddles With Bunnies?)


Beck’s album Midnight Vultures absolutely rocks.  It’s music to design by.  Meaning that, as a designer, there are countless late evenings trying to squeeze out the last drops of creative juices like water from a stone.  With a looming deadline on a high profile project, the only solution is an album–one of your favorites.  It has to be likable all the way through so it can be played on a loop or mixed in the CD shuffle…

I just said mixed in the CD shuffle!  I dated myself.  Oh my God I said album too!

This is the age of the iPod.  Music is digital and no longer confined to media.  You can’t touch it.   The days of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon with its stickers and totally bitchen’ posters are over.  The new digital age just galvanizes that fact.  This is perplexing.  It’s hard to give up the tangible experience of album ownership.  Nowadays, what do you own?  An electronic facsimile of ones and zeros?

What’s most interesting is the new generation of music lovers who don’t know anything but this technology.  A CD is about as novel to them as Grandma’s wind-up photograph was to us.  Which, kind of makes us Grandma.

But I’m a Grandma with an iPod!  I have an iTunes account as well–which is really funny because whenever I buy music online, the first order of business is to burn it on a CD.  It’s too hard not to have it in hand.  The scary thing is, that’s not Grandma–that’s my Mother.

Now from a purist point of view, there’s the whole icky compression thing going with digital entertainment that compromises the sound and or image quality.  The general public doesn’t seem to be phased by less than perfect reproduction.  It used to bug me until I realized after years of working with sound and multimedia engineering, I’m just way too critical and most people don’t even notice.  That being said, my iPod does not hold much music because the less compressed a music file is, the more space it takes up so I don’t compress.  No I don’t.

3 Thoughts on “Completely Random Thought (It’s Non-Sequitur Day)

  1. *grin* Grandma’s wind up photograph?

    With the advent (but not yet real affordability) of digital picture frames, I’m not going to be surprised when the next generation (my kids’kids) don’t “grok” a paper photo album. Heck, considering how bad about putting photos into albums many of us are (myself included), my own kids may not grok it.

  2. BTW, I don’t think I could have resisted picking up that bunny. OMG, teh kyoot! I will die from teh kyooot!

    We have lots of bunnies here, but they have, thus far, stayed away from the house itself.

  3. You need to send your bunny photo to Cute with Chris

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