Homer mentioned my birthday on his blog and I got more comments and hits on my blog than ever.  Thanks Homer and thanks to everyone who sent a nice comment.  It really was a great day (except for the head cold).

Ray and I are floored at the outpouring of notes and emails about Aunt Leona.  It really, really made a difference.  We are humbled by everyone’s condolences–especially from people we don’t even know.  It has restored my faith in humanity (for now).

More people are starting to read my blog.  I have received great feedback.  It’s a wonderful feeling and I am very, very thankful for that.  It’s been great because I’m starting to find other blogs and bloggers that I didn’t even know about.

Ray finally came home on Tuesday night.  ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou for his safe return.  Even the cat is relieved.

Last night I met with a personal trainer.  He was short and didn’t seem to have much of a disco body.  So much for hiring the hottie eye candy trainer.  I figured that it would be stupid to turn down the opportunity to meet my fitness goals over something as superficial as what the guy looked like.  He’s obviously capable.  (I have to thank Joe for that insight.)  They gym is really nice, I can afford it (kinda but not really) and–fuck–why not?  Right?  I’m going to do a trial workout with him tonight.  He has a great attitude and was in tune to everything I said.  If all goes well, I’m going to meet with him twice a week for an hour at a time.  He said something about getting me into “Boxing Training”.  Hmmm……  Cobban Balboa?

I have developed really good calluses on my fingertips due to my diligent attempt to play my acoustic and electric guitars every night.  I have three to four songs in development and can sing and play at the same time for at least ten seconds if I try real hard and don’t think about it at the same time.

3 Thoughts on “Thanks And Updates

  1. Joe on 06/12/2007 at 7:09 AM said:

    Good man Cobban! Get focused, it’s your body, YOUR MONEY, for your goals. I am sure you will enjoy the pain from the gain. They beat the pains from sitting around and just “gaining”!!

  2. I feel so dumb. I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your blog when I read about your illness on your birthday and then again about losing your Ray’s Auntie… I thought maybe you had comments disabled. (Doh, stupid jess.)

    *hugs* Let me know if you need anything!

  3. My intuition tells me the “boxing training” won’t be the kind with choreography…

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