Homer had a lovely little holiday gathering at his home in Tucson on Saturday.  Ray and I made the 90 mile drive up there because, A) I really wanted to go to Homer’s party and B) There were several blogger peeps that I wanted to meet in person. 

(This is where I would have put a photo of everyone but for some reason my camera did not capture a very flattering picture so I opted out)

Cookies!Before we went,  Ray and I made a huge batch of Thumbprint cookies to take with us.   It has become our holiday tradition to make these treats.  Ray calls them our “signature” cookies.  I call them easy to make and very tasty.

We had a really good time at the party.  Homer had little creative crafty stations set up around his house.  I started out with cookie decorating.  I figured that being a creative type; I would be churning out lavishly decorated edible works of art in no time.  I was wrong.  I was so focused on my shitty little cookie thinking I was doing a good job that I did not realize Sandy sitting across from me decorating a guitar shaped cookie with strings and frets.  My cookie ended up looking more like something Jackson Pollack would have done.  However, it was delicious.

After that, I moved on to the make-an-ornament-out-of-pipe-cleaners station.  I sat there working on a saguaro cactus shaped ornament thinking I was doing a great job when I looked up noticed Frank had made a three dimensional Santa stocking.  That’s when I decided to give up on the creative things and just chat with the other partygoers. 

I really liked meeting the other blogger peeps.  Brian was there.  He’s very, very sweet and much taller than I expected.  It’s nice to meet him in person because we email each other back and forth frequently.  Sandy was in town all the way from Australia.  I enjoyed chatting with him and hoped that his cookie decorating talent would somehow transfer to me via osmosis.  It didn’t.  Then there’s Frank, whom I have met once before.  Frank is younger than me and quite hunky.  At one point during the festivities, he picked me up in his arms for a photo.  I did not get a picture with my camera because I was, well, being picked up by a hunky man and cameras weren’t exactly running through my head at the moment and yes, I was giggling like a schoolgirl.

Ray and I also got to sit and chat with Victor and Scott, two very nice guys in Tucson that we hope to see more of.  Everyone was very pleasant.  We always have a nice time with Homer and his friends. 

Here are some photos of the party:

Sandy’s guitar cookie

Frank and his 3D pipecleaner ornament.

Kitty was not too happy about this.

The ever popular one armed blog pic.  Cobban, Frank & Sandy.

Ray and I figured since the festivities started at 6:00 PM and it was a Saturday, people would want to go out afterwards.  We planned on staying at a motel for the night.   By the time the party wrapped up, the let’s go out and party more vibe had diminished.  Ray and I thought we’d venture out on our own.  Yeah, right.  Once we got to the car, we both just decided that we are too old and too gay to chase the party vibe in Tucson at the Venture N.  It was chilly, we were tired and the thought of sleeping in my own bed outweighed the desire to be chatty and peripatetic in a tired old leather bar.

5 Thoughts on “Homer’s Ho Ho Holiday Party

  1. I ate the guitar cookie this morning. It was delicious.

  2. I woke up this morning wishing I would have taken some of those cookies home with me. Mmm.

  3. …as much fun to make as they are to eat! (except I didn’t really eat any)

  4. I LOVE being too old and married to go out and stand around in a bar! Hurray for that shit. Seriously, it rocks.

  5. can i get the recipe for the thumbprint cookies? they look delicious. thanks, i really like your blog. happy holidays!

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