Just got back from Lost Angeles.  Ray and I went to see our moms again.  The worst part about going out there is the nine hour drive.  Normally, we stay in Phoenix over night on the way out.  This time Ray had to get to his mom’s early so I dropped him off at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport so he could fly ahead and I got a motel room in Quartsite. 

You haven’t lived until you spend a night in a motel in Quartsite.

My mother is doing surprisingly well since the knee operation and Ray’s mom is much better since the Thanksgiving episode.  All that aside, it was good to check in on them.  The only thing that really sucked was driving miles and miles (and miles) with eighteen wheelers being erratically driven by people on cell phones.  That freaks me out.  Then there’s the people who seem to forget that the left lane is for faster traffic–even if they are going the speed limit, they need to move the hell over.

I have been to both Chicago and LA three times this year, Philadelphia twice and San Francisco once.  I have to go to New Hampshire for a week in January and DC in February.  I think I’ll stay home for the holidays with my man and our kitty.  It may sound boring to some but for me, it’s a slice of heaven.

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