Charles Schultz and I were born on the same day.   As a child, I always related to Charlie Brown.  After watching A Charlie Brown Christmas again this year, I was surprised at how I still relate to him. 

What a profound little show.  It’s amazing how it still holds up to today’s standards considering it’s forty-two years old.  Of course, I’m forty-two and I’m still holding up. 

Lucy Van Pelt says that she never gets what she really wants for Christmas–real estate.  Little Sally is all about the presents.  Charlie Brown complains about the commercialism of the season when he sees Snoopy entering a Christmas decoration contest.  Could you imagine how Charlie would feel today?  

The best part is when Linus tells Charlie Brown what Christmas is all about by reciting the passage from the bible about the birth of Christ because that IS what Christmas is all about.  It has nothing to do with trees, Santa’s, Rudolph’s red nose or presents. 

Now, I’m not talking about all the other holidays that happen this time of year.  I’m not talking about that whole Happy Holidays PC bullshit.  I’m talking about the true meaning of Christmas.  I’m talking about how our society, through overcommercialism, has forgotten its past, its legacy.  It seems like every holiday now has a commercial component to it.  Is it just me or has every Target or WalMart dedicated a section of floorspace to a holiday or event day? 

Better break out the shamrocks, it’s March. 

Charlie Brown was a truth seeker which is a textbook trait of the Sagittarian.  I see a lot of myself in Charlie Brown.  I bet there is a lot of Charles Schultz as well.   I think Mr Schultz had issues with women though.  While the boys may laugh at Charlie Brown along with the crowd, it’s the girls who repeatedly call him a blockhead and remind him of how stupid he is.  There is a new biography out on Schultz.  I’m waiting for the paperback. 

The real highlight of the Charlie Brown Christmas is the music of Vince Guaraldi.  Mr. Guaraldi died way too young but released several jazz albums on the Fantasy label.  I love everything he does.  There are several tribute albums dedicated to Vince which is a total joke because the true genius of his music is him playing the piano. 

Linus knew the true meaning of Christmas.  I think Linus knew a lot more than that.  He’s like the weird kid on the block who grows up to be a rocket scientist.  

I struggle with the Christian religion.  The idea of the holy birth of Jesus coming to save me from sin sure sounds great until the whole, “You’re gay!?!  The bible says it’s wrong.” thing pops up.  

It just seems like that would be the last thing to come out of the mouth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

3 Thoughts on “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

  1. Merry Christmas Cobban. Your latest blog was beautiful, as always. Go Charlie Brown!! Go Charles Schultz and yes.. we Saggies totally kick butt 😀


  2. PD on 26/12/2007 at 9:08 AM said:

    lovely writing… I love Charlie Brown, too.

    Nothing about homosexuality ever popped out of Jesus’ mouth, to the best of my knowledge…

  3. Hi Cobban,

    I hope that you had a nice Christmas. As someone else who really hates the cold dark months of winter (and in a colder, and darker climate than Arizona), I could so relate to your last post. Hang in there, longer days and springtime are on the way.

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