Meow!Parker cat is warm and cozy on my lap.  Thanks to XM, Andy Williams is Most Wonderful Time of the Year-ing in the background.  Ray is on the other computer checking his email.  It’s dark outside.  Very, very dark.  We are at the zenith of the winter blues and thankfully, the solstice has come and gone.  The days will be getting longer now.

Thank God.

This is the time of year that I have to let go of the fact there is nothing I can do to make the days get longer or warmer–unless I move to the southern region of the planet.  The worst part of it all is during the daytime, I’m stuffed in a room with two (sometimes three) other people and eight banks of fluorescent lights on full blast (Actually, it’s seven banks.  The one over my head had the bulbs removed but it does no good because the other evil fluorescent lights spread their fake icky light everywhere).  The guy who sits next to me by the window closes the blinds and the other guy next to the other window has his blinds positioned so that the light just falls on his work area. 

Why, why, WHY do people do that?!?  I will never understand why they put people next to windows when they just close the blinds and shut out all the light.  Also, the idea of multiple people in one room with no windows is totally ridiculous unless you’re in a call center or part of some big noisy bullpen. 

The other fun thing on top of the lighting situation is the expectation for me to not make any noise whatsoever.  I got “talked to” when I first started here for having a conference call at my desk.  It seems my “noise” was disturbing.  It was suggested that I find an empty office to make those types of calls.  Those types of calls?  I have to talk to people all the time!  Why can’t they just put me in the empty office? 

I don’t mean to go off on a tangent,  we’ve had a particularly bad day month at work and today–Christmas friggin eve–was the end all be all whopper.  READ: Aside from a major thing that I don’t need to go into detail about, ’cause I had nothing to do with it, my cubemate was cursing under his breath, throwing things around on his desk, pounding the hell out of his keyboard, and sighing loudly a lot.  Meanwhile, I had to sit in florescent light hell trying to be as quiet as a church mouse. 

This just sums up the holidays for me.  Dead relatives, bad mojo in the office, driving to work in the dark, leaving work in the dark and all sorts of other crap that is taking this blog post into the downward spiral of holiday buzzkill.   I guess should be happy because it’s Christmas or the holidays or whatever PC term we’re calling it now.  Or should I?  We’re at war.  The economy is tanking.  The polar caps are melting.  All I see on the news about the holiday season is how the retail market is suffering because people aren’t buying enough.  That last sentence is the clincher.  Gift giving shouldn’t put you in debt!  I especially don’t want people to give me things because then I feel obligated to give in return and unless you can afford a Nikon D80 SLR 10.2 Megapixel Digital Camera to replace my other camera that died, I don’t want anything.  I certainly don’t need anything.

All I really want for Christmas is:

  • World peace–really
  • My mom’s knee to heal
  • Ray’s mom to stay as healthy as a 91 year old woman can stay
  • My dad’s cancers to go away
  • A competent president
  • Global unwarming
  • A Britney free 2008 (this includes her up and coming trashy little sister)
  • R&D funds for alternative energy
  • Better guitar skills
  • Success on my ginormous project at work
  • Not being freaked out by my ginormous project at work
  • Arizona to observe DST
  • Improvement on my writing skills
  • Success at the gym (Oh please Santa!)

This blog post is not very cheery.  It’s been a challenging few weeks and I’m mad at myself for neglecting my blog.  I apologize to the readers for the icky vibe but I’m still going to post this entry.  Sometimes you just have to keep moving forward even if it’s through some of the muck. 

Tell you what, I’ll push through the muck and you walk behind me through the clean path until we get to a better place.  How’s that sound?  I promise we’ll get there.  I know because Mr. Optimist is much bigger and stronger than Mr. Pessimist.

Mr. Pessimist just has to go now.

Merry friggin’ Christmas…bah humbug.

3 Thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho Hum…

  1. I’m with you on the cubicle/window thing. Why deprive us of sunshine? Makes no sense.

    Happy holidays to you and Ray!

  2. X and an O from Arcata. We had sunshine today, but windy and a high of 50F. Still, the marsh was incredibly gorgeous. I am telepathically transmitting the sunshiness of the day to you, along with some of our home-made organic caramels. Three hawks brightest red hunting in the afternoon light, these I send you as well.

    Hope your mood lifts, brightens, softens.


  3. Aw shucks Rick, that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. 🙂 Cobban

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