I was supposed to go to Chicago this past weekend.  The whole family was going to rummage through Leona’s stuff before the house get’s put up for sale.  Ray called at the last minute and suggested I stay home because there was some bad weather expected for my Monday return date and I absolutely had to be at work for the week to work with the consultant coming from our CMS software company.  He didn’t want me to get stuck in Chicago.

He had been there since Thursday and by Sunday it seems everyone had come down with the flu.

I’m sorry I missed that.

I would have been traveling with the flu and had to deal with a big project all week–and I would have been totally infectious.  Typhoid Cobban!

I felt so bad for Ray.  He sounded terrible.  He had the whole, “My skin hurts.” kind of flu where you can’t get out of bed.  He seems to be on the mend and will be coming home tonight.  Poor boo-boo.

This week, we have the software consultant here to assist in the set up of our web software.  Ohhhh…wish me luck.  This is the part where I need to make sure I have set everything up correctly.  At least I have this Friday off!

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