Baby FaceThis is me.  Aged 19 (around 1986).  Still had the blond hair.  Note my Dumbo left ear–had it tucked back about ten years ago.  It hurt like a mother but was worth it.  I’m not smiling either.  I hated to smile.  I could have still been wearing braces, I don’t remember.  I was a moody fellow back then.  Very moody.  The whole world sucked and nothing ever went my way. 

I hated myself, hated my ear, hated my pouty face and most of all, I hated that I looked like a little boy (not a hair on my chest).  Rich fat ugly sugar daddy types loved that about me and I had several repeated offers to get whatever I wanted as long as I–yuck, I can’t even think about it.  All the guys that I thought were hot were not into me at all–so I drank copious amounts of alcohol, did lots of drugs and engaged in risky sex.  I’m lucky to be alive.

My childhood and young adult years sucked big time.  You can see the way I look in the photo that there was way too much going on in my head for a young naive guy like me.  I was very lonely.  I love the way I look and feel now.  Nothing sucks and everything goes my way! 

I have no idea why I posted this photo.  I just happened upon it the other day and had a laugh.  Just a reminder of how things can change drastically if you set your mind to it (like, take a look at the “Your Host” photo on the right of this page)

Ray got home last night at around midnight.  Poor guy is out of it.  I’m not even making coffee as not to disturb him. 

I have the software technician here for two more days and my temp is in and I have rehearsal tonight for the play.  I just want to crawl back in bed. 

Hey!  I want to give Brian a special thanks for donating to the Mule Mountian Relay For Life.  Thanks Brian.  You’re the best and a hell of a designer too!

4 Thoughts on “Who’s That Blond Guy?

  1. You are very welcome.

    I prefer the current Cobban to this 19-year old Cobban. Happiness works for you much better.

  2. Scowl! Nice 80s hair!

  3. Mirko on 24/02/2008 at 1:39 AM said:

    I prefer you much more now, sexier and happier.

  4. It looks like you should have been playing bass for Duran Duran back then.

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