OK, I’ve had a long day,  work from 6:30 to 4:30, an hour of running lines for the play, three hours of rehearsal and a couple of hours to relax with my guitar…and a teeny tiny bit of Vodka.  I got bored so I got all Google happy.  I Googled lopakalounge and after clicking on a few recognizable sites of which I am affiliated with, I came across this tidbit on  www.queerfilter.com.  “Lopaka Lounge Description: A partnered fortyish urban-bred gay man with a high sex drive tries to figure out the secret to rural living in the high Arizona desert”

I honestly can’t remember if I wrote that or not.  It’s far too accurate and clever a description to have thought it up on my own.  Perhaps I was having a fleeting moment of brilliance. . .

. . . or perhaps some automated web bot thingie complied the information based on whatever I have posted out to the Internet. 

Google responsibly.

One Thought on “From The Ha Ha Ha Files

  1. So… what IS the secret?

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