Eggs!Homer had a little Easter Eggy decoration get-together tonight.  Ray and I made the trip down to Tucson to join in the fun.  As usual, Homer had several creative fun loving people there. 

Ray and I chatted, ate yummy food (there’s this rage-inducing lemon meringue thing going on) and enjoyed the good company. 

Homer went to the trouble of hiding a ton of those little plastic eggs in his yard.  We had an Easter egg hunt!  In the rain.  OK, so it wasn’t really rainy but it was drizzly.  I’m such a whimp with the cooler weather.

Nice pole!One of my little plastic eggs had a number in it.  It was kind of like a lottery.  I won a kiddie fishing pole!  It was made in China.  Better not suck on the little plastic peices.  I could get lead poisoning.

Homer always has such fun parties and he’s a great host.  It was well worth the trip there–with the exception that it was totally snowing most of the way home.   Traffic on I-10 slowed down to a crawl.  That sucked–especially ’cause I was driving.

I had forgotten that Easter was around the corner.  I guess it’s because my mind is focused on the play and my project at work.  Ray has been a very good sport reading lines with me.  I hope I don’t fuck up my lines.  I hope I don’t fuck up the website.  I hope I don’t…I need to calm down or I’ll never sleep until next July.

Jimbo!The ultimate highlight of the party was getting to see Jimbo in person again.  He’s here visiting Homer.  I met Jimbo online and he e-troduced (I couldn’t resist) me to Homer.  Jimbo got me interested in blogging and then after reading Homer’s blog, I decided to try it myself.  They’re my blogspiration.  Really.

I heart Jimbo and Homer.  Ray and I are glad to know them.  Jimbo makes me laugh because he’s a total 80’s music geek like me.  I feel like the bee girl when I read how much he loves Duran Duran and Xanadu. 

It’s great to be home after driving 90 miles in the snow.  I’m going to bed!

One Thought on “Gettin’ Eggy Wit It

  1. I had a plastic fishing pole like that when I was a kid. I loved it. I haven’t thought of it in years.

    Wow, snow in southeast AZ this late in the year. I’ve been feeling really jealous of other bloggers showing spring arriving while we still have huge iles of snow in all of our parking lots. Suddenly I feel better.

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