My old houseWhen Ray and I were in Chicago two weeks ago, I visited my friend Stephen.  He lived across the street from us in our old neighborhood.  I had Stephen take a photo of me standing in front of what used to me my house. 

I have fond memories of that place.  It was in good structural condition when we bought it in 1999 but it needed some major overhauling. 

We spent a lot of time fixing up the house and yard (and then sold it).

See the finished product for yourself.  Photos of our old home.

RingSo…While we were in Chicago clearing out Aunt Leona’s old house, I found an 18k white gold ring that just happen to fit me prefectly.  Who knew?  I think it’s from the 30’s.  I’m happy to have a nice little memento to remember her by. 

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