I have had the Lopaka Lounge site for almost a decade.  At first it was dedicated solely to my in-house multimedia design studio with an online portfolio and contact info.  After the dot-com bust, the real lounge in my basement became kind of a private karaoke club and the site was used to post the song list and random party photos.  When we moved to Bisbee, it evolved into a photo keep-in-touch site so that friends and family could get up to the minute photos of me, Ray and Bisbee.  It was all pretty safe and family oriented…

Until now.

When I started blogging, I took the advice of every writer I knew–be honest.  Don’t sugar coat it.  Write what you feel, what you know.  The only problem is that I forgot about the legacy of my site.  People used to come here to see cute pictures of the latest karaoke bash or progress of the current year’s garden.  Now, they see text.  Honest text.  Text about what I really think and feel. 

1. I’m not very Christian or Christ-like
2. I’m a pervert
3. I say fuck a lot
4. Did I mention I say fuck a lot?
5. Fuck

I think a lot of my posts are rather cringeworthy to the ear of someone like my mother or a member of our church in Chicago.  Blogging is like coming out of the closet.  If you tell a friend you’re gay and they blow you off then they weren’t your friend in the first place.  If you write honestly about what you think and feel and a friend or family member blows you off then fuck ’em.  Love me or leave me.  Just don’t preach at me.

6 Thoughts on “It’s Not For Everyone

  1. Oh, I dunno…I drop in to the lounge just for the perverted fuckalot language.

  2. Rick on 22/04/2008 at 8:32 AM said:

    What a bunch of fuckwads they are for fucking with you. If they do it again, tell them you’ve got friends who will FUCK THEM UP.

  3. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, and… “It’s shake-n-bake, and I helped”.

    Keep being yourself!

  4. Rick on 22/04/2008 at 8:50 PM said:

    P.S. I always thought your blog could use MORE vulgarity. Bring on the potty-mouth!

  5. Son, I expect you in church for next Sunday’s sermon, “Onan Spilling His Seed.”

  6. Give ’em hell, Harry!

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