Music!I spent all day last Sunday reconfiguring my studio.  After months of guitar practice and being focused on other big projects, I’m itching to start writing music again.  I wish I could afford studio technicians.  It’s really hard to have to do everything yourself.  What I really want is to assemble a band except this time I’m the lead singer/songwriter as opposed to the keyboard player who sings the occasional ooh, ohh, yeah, yeah in the background.

Ray and I are off to LA again today.  My sister Betty is graduating from law school.  I’m very proud of her…and it never hurts to have a lawyer in the family.

Oh, one more thing.  I finally bought an iPhone while I was in Chicago.  It’s totally bitchen’.  I figured I deserved it after getting the County’s website up and running.

3 Thoughts on “Listen To The Music

  1. Enjoy the iphone. I want one, but I’m waiting for the next version to come out (July?) I hear it will have GPS capability.

  2. Shawnee on 02/05/2008 at 8:36 AM said:

    Hi Cobban,

    Congrats on the new website. You did an excellent job for the county :D. It looks like all is going well. Please tell Ray we said HI!!!

    Shawnee (and Bear)

  3. Ooooo, gadgety.

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