After raising three children while working full time at the tender age of 51 (sorry to tell your age sis but it makes the story more effective), my oldest sister Betty graduated from law school.  There is no possible way I could have accomplished what she did.  I am very, very proud of her. 

My father–who could not attend–is proud too.  Finally, all six of his children are college graduates.  Dad used to say,

 “I’m not going to force you to go to college because I know you’re going anyway.”

Betty and I were the late bloomers.  I was 33 when I graduated and she is 51.  It guess it was worth the wait.  Ray and I headed out to LA to attend the ceremony.  It was great to see my family and catch up with Betty’s friends that I have not seen for years.

(L to R) Ma in law Pat, niece Nichole, Betty’s kids: Ben, Sarah, Dan

Betty and friend

Moments away from grabbing the brass ring

It’s like being crowned

Congrats Betty!

Betty and our mother

The ubiquitous one-armed MySpace/Blog pic (brother John in the background)

All who attended on Betty’s behalf

The funny thing (to me) about the ubiquitous one-armed MySpace/Blog pic is that you can kind of see how my sister and I get along.  It’s impossible to chat with her without laughing.  We both have a warped sense of humor. 

Now all she has to do is pass the bar. . .

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  1. Congrats to Betty!

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