TweetOur friend Kevin makes bird houses out of old license plates.  When I got my motorcycle, I had the old smaller plate from the previous owner.  Kevin made me a little tiny bird house which I hung on the tree outside of our back yard. 

All last spring, I witched young bird couples shop around for a place to live.  The only problem with the tiny birdhouse was that the hole was too small.  Last year at the end of the summer, some wasps chewed away at the opening of the little bird house opening up the hole a bit.  The other day, I was in the yard and heard this bird happily singing away.  I finally realized that the sound was coming from the little house.  I guess we have a tenant this year. 

She just loves her new place and we love having her.  It’s a joy to sit out there and listen to her chirping away.  She seemed a bit apprehensive about us being in the back yard at first but we have all grown used to each other. 

Kevin built me another house out of a regular sized plate that I had from our other car.  There’s a for rent sign on it so pass the word if you know a cool bird.

4 Thoughts on “Watch The Birdy

  1. That is such a great photo of the bird in her house. Have fun watching.

  2. Get a better side view of the bird so I can identify it!

  3. Hmm. Hole-enlarging wasps. Think I dated one of those for a while.

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