ThunderheadOne of the best things about living here is the 360 degree views.  You can see what they mean about “isolated” thunderstorms.  This one reared its ugly head just as the sun was setting yesterday evening.  The cool thing is that it’s in Mexico!  To see such an even happening in another country from your own backyard is nothing short of spectacular. 

Since we have been having heavy rains and cooler temperatures due to the monsoons, it’s great to see a storm happening somewhere else.  It was so nice to come home from work yesterday and have it hot and sunny.  We even splashed around in the pool for a while.  If you’re a summer person, it’s annoying to have it cloudy, rainy and 76 degrees in August. 

It’s supposed to stay like this all weekend which is great because my friend Carl is coming to visit from Boston.  Carl is a great guy and a perfect house guest.  He also has a thick Bostonian accent and likes to sing karaoke with me. (You can only imagine what that’s like!)  I’m sure we’re in for a good time.

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