Age, the final frontier.  Life has been good to me and my bio-vehicle.  Things seem to be holding up well.  That wont last though.  In time the flab factor will become more than my vanity can handle.  It seems that jogging is the thing to take on in the fight against Mr. Belly Pooch. 

I hate jogging.

I hate looking disproportionate even more so jogging seems to win as the lesser of the two evils.  There is one great inspirational factor in all this and that’s Ray.  He’s looking better than ever because he’s been making the effort to exercise.  It’s much easier when someone is there to encourage you.  I’m hoping that this time, because there have been many times, there are going to be some visible results that will encourage a certain level of stick-to-it-ivness. 

I have just been informed that “it is time”.  A slug of coffee, a pair of running shoes and I’m off…

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