Last night after work, Ray and I had to stop by the market.  When we got home we had a nice long workout.  By the time we were done…it was dark.  We didn’t go outside.  First night of the season that we stayed inside.  The cat was ecstatic. 

This weekend, Ray is going to LA to see his mom and I’m going to make every effort to enjoy what’s left of Summer.  Pack it all into three days (I have every other Friday off).  Next weekend after that we’re in NY/DC and then after that, LA for my brother’s wedding.  By the time we get back for a weekend at home, it’ll be late October and we won’t exactly be frolicking around nekkid by the pool. 

It’s a good time to start staying in during the evening hours.  I’m still working out every day and now, instead of splashing in the pool afterwards, I’m sitting down with my guitar (as promised) and practicing. 

I have become comfortable with the Bowflex machine.  My determination to change my physical state of being has increased.  I guess when you start to see the slightest result, you want to work out more. 

So winter is on the horizon.  I’m going to “cocoon” this time and focus on my workouts and guitar playing.  Next spring, I’m going to reemerge as a MuscleStud Guitar God.  Hey, why not…?  You don’t ask–you don’t get.

2 Thoughts on “This Is It

  1. OK Muscle Stud Guitar God. Just don’t work yourself too hard and recognize the need for a day of rest (or two).

    See you in a few weeks! OMG!

  2. Just keep it up till next summer – I won’t be back out there until August again, and I want to see those results! 🙂

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